7 Reasons why you need fine art prints with your pets right now


That sweet moment between a child and his best friend…

You love our pup so much that we like to spend most of our time together. Depends on situation, your furry friend is a young puppy, just adopted from the shelter or a seniour and not much left, sadly.

Either way, sometimes Life gets in a way with daily routines, work, family and house duties. We forget to slow down and take the precious moments in our life - to enjoy meaningful moments. As the time goes by, puppy grows. Same as children changing, dogs are growing and chaning too, but even faster than humans. Investing in custom artwork gives unvaluable experience that lasts forever .

There are 7 reasons why custom portraits are important and why we shoud have them now:

  1. Short life span

Sadly our pets lives much shorter than we do. Puppies or kittens grow very quick. In a year, two or free they are fully grow up. They changed.

And thinking about the lifespine as much it is sad but usualy it is 12-20 years the most. But look possitive - you can have several best four-legged friends in your life, where sadness changed into joy getting another one, and precious moments will be framed forever.

2. Confidence

Your pet is the most amazing friend you can ever had. They always listen, always happy for for us, always waiting for us come back even cats they do miss you but they show that in a different way. Of course, sometimes there are some issues, but only because they reflect our humans bad habits.

Our furry friends let us overcome our fears,believe in yourself more and ability to move forward. As we laugh more, smile more, move more our brain relaxes and reduces cortisol level.

3. Puppies growing fast

Our pets growing very quick. They changes as well as our kids. Just much faster. Dont miss the moments and remember how they look before and after with a story telling portraits

4. Make a house a home

Specific interior design, that gives character to your home, homemade freshly baked cake and your family portraits on the wall make a statement that it is your home and you live there. Make your house a home. Even if you decide to have a Print Box and not to display your prints on the wall, pictures can be watched when you sad and need inspiration on certain days.

5. Precious portraits will not be lost

These days we have so many pictures on our phones. How many nahh snaps are on your phone? Thousands, good ones are lost between bad ones, but all of them forgotten. As there coming new ones. Even they are beautiful, most of them have no meaning. No experience, maybe a little story to tell. But thats it.

What about if you take this as a special experience and create something specific that you have an idea for a while? Or create something that never had before, made the best expereince in a day of your life. These moments will be never forgotten. And always remember, it makes you smile remembering that day and noticing the smalles details in the portrait you haven’t noticed before. Your pet floppy ears, the smile, your wavy hair and or your family connection through the nature.

6. Be part of art creating. from the idea to the artwork

That is so important to be a part in a creative process. It is like colouring a book, or artist painting a painting. Photography is similar. It starts from the idea, from the photographers vision that started from you or your family personality and from the location. Then the preparation. Separate stories for each picture settings, then photographer artistic developement further vision in post processing. Choosing your home design fitting colouristics, places where to set. The most important place to see everyday, and finaly printing, and releasing the art. You are a witness of an art process which is fulfilling and exciting part.

7. Connection between you, your kids and nature!

Let it be at least one day just you, your pet and your family. Join the nature! Or at least just relax at home not doing anything else - no more routine, no work, just the relaxing time together. Celebrate your family and connection!

Eva Rale