the experience

There are only 3 steps to your exciting session. Book and plan your session, enjoy the fun with your pet and bring back the memories from your session in a private movie premier. These moments will be cherrished forever with your heirloom artwork and will be never forgotten.


booking & planing

Enjoying natural-not posed-happy-real emotion portraits on my website? Plan your unique session the way you like and enjoy. Bring it on some ideas or ask what could work for you and your pet. Bring children to interact with your pet. Make it exited and fun day out for you, your pet and your family.


enjoying time with your pet

Have a fun day out! Choose an outdoor location in a beautiful park or a seaside. Rainy, windy cold weather? No problems! This could be an adventure even in a bad weather. Not feeling it? Your home, garden or pet friendly area could be a perfect spot for you and your pet. Be yourself end enjoy.

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The fun continues! Enjoy your session premier in a private presentation with homemade bakes and teas or even vine. It is the time when you can choose your favourite portraits. And no worries, I will be there to help you to choose.

The sessions



Choose out of 3 session types that you would love to be involved. Not sure what to choose? Read more, get in contact by filling the enquiry or simply messaging me (see the pink gold bubble in the right corner?).

I am here to help .



See the products that are available to purchase. Samples are available to see on the consultation meetup or video presentation session. So you will have a better feel how the artwork will look in your home.

About sessions


Signature Session

Sessions in Surrey, London, Hampshire includes:

A pre-session consultation meeting at your home, quiet cafe or Skype

Location Photo Session lasting 1-1.5h

30-40 images to choose from for your products

Up to 4 pets from the same household

Private Video Presentation and Ordering session at your location

Complimentary web ready digital files of any image purchased as an artwork



editorial fashion session

Sessions in Surrey, London, Hampshire includes:

A pre-session consultation meeting at your home, quiet cafe or Skype

Location Photo Session lasting 2-2.5h

Complimentary Hair and Makeup

30-40 images to choose from for your products

Outfit advise

Up to 4 pets from the same household

Private Video Presentation and Ordering session at your location

Complimentary web ready digital files of any image purchased as an artwork


Day Experience Pet Session

adventure experience session

Sessions in Surrey, London, Hampshire includes:

A pre-session consultation meeting at your home, quiet cafe or Skype

2 Location Photo Session lasting 2.5-4h

30-40 images to choose from for your products

Up to 4 pets from the same household

Private Video Presentation and Ordering session at your location

Complimentary web ready digital files of any image purchased as an artwork


cat, dog or horse session?

Cat, Dog or Horse?

I photograph them all! Don’t forget Alpacas…x

Please note: the session fees does not include prints or digital files. Session fee is not refundable and it is due in advance prior to your session. If it is not possible to attend, please let me know 48 hours prior the session. If the weather is not working for our favour, or if you are not available on the day of the session, we can always reschedule the time or change the location. Weather is helping to create a fun art in an unusual way too so never think as the weather is a bad thing for photography (think of how many hairstyles you can create for your fluffy wet dog).


Image Boxes

With Image Boxes majority my clients chooses to display their images. This is a clever choice if

a) not much of wall space at your home walls

b) Interested for gifts and more images to choose

c) Deluxe Metal box is a Luxury investment and could collect more prints in the future

c) Great Idea for creative wall display

d) Very popular combination with Wall Art

e) Changed wall display as often as you like.

Prices from £599


Wall Art is a Signature piece and this is the most popular client choice at Eva Rale Photography. Make a statement for your home with a standout Artwork.

Why have a customised artwork?

a) Makes you smile, happy and all fuzzy. Not only cute but will remind you the experience on the session day. That is definately more than a piece of art of an apple bowl from the art market!

b) That will be your main subject to talk about when you have a cup of tea with your friends, family members or guests

c) Wall Art will bring more confidence in you and your little family members

Custom Canvas, Frames and Acrylics available

From £499


I love this one as it tells the most fascinating story and it is the original home decoration idea. Available in all wall art options. Create your unique style.

Prices upon design request.

Can’t decide? (1).jpg

Check my portfolio

And dream about your perfect session…

print products samples

Product variety that will make your house a home

Think about size, collections, rooms you would like to place your beautiful portraits

Photoshoot with a dog

Read some of the stories

You never know , maybe this is part of inspiration

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Your most popular questions answered

what if my dog will not cooperate, can I still get good portraits?

This is the fun part of the Photosession with a pet! This is what happenes in most cases. I have photographed many dogs and just a few were not well behaved. These fun candid moments are the most precious and if needed I will spend more time getting the best shot. And of course I understand what you mean. I bet you tried to take picture of your dog with your phone and almost all pictures were blurry. Fear no more, I am using professional fast camera and lenses to catch the funniest moments of your pet.

what to do if My dog can’t be off-leash?

Most of the dogs I photograph are on the leash especialy in urban areas. The safety of our clients is the number one priority during our session. Lifestyle sessions with your dog running around can be easy photographed with a longer leash. Leash will be magicaly removed in post production so you not even notice it was something there.  

Do you photograph other pets?

I love all pets! I am very passionate about cats and horses in particular. I had many cats in my life, rabbits, always wanted a dog, horses are in my blood - my grandmather had a horse farm long time ago. Bring them all!

Why metting before and after the session is important?

Eva Rale Photography offers  a fully customizable process to give you and your pet the best possible experience. To create a session that you dreaming of, we need to meet to discuss the details of your sessions. I want to ensure I understand your goals for artwork.

I have no idea how I want my images?

At Eva Rale Photography there is a variety of choices. I will help you to choose the best option for your home. There are many ways to display my custom signature wall art collections, rare and real vintage Frames, fine art canvas, from canvases and frames that will fit rustic décor, to acrylic or metal artwork for modern homes there is something that will look fabulous on your walls.  Many clients love Luxury Matted Print Box Collections as they are versatile (can be used as display, change from room to room, given as gifts to friends and family)!  You will have the opportunity to see, touch, hold, and feel many of the different product offerings during the Session Presentation.

What is EVA RALE Photography experience like?


The first step is getting in touch with me two ways: email for enquiry or click on a bubble right bottom corner. Let me know you would like to learn more!  I’ll give you a call and we will go over the process, the products, and plan a perfect custom session for your fabulous four-legger.  Once you are ready to confirm a date, a signed session agreement and a session fee will hold a place on my calendar just for you!

Prior to our session, we can hold our pre-session consultation over the phone or meet up at your home or in a quite cafe.  This is where we decide on how you may best like to display your images so I can be sure to plan the perfect session for you.  Don’t worry, it’s not a final decision.  We will also settle on our session location, discuss more details about your pet, and reserve a date for our Session Presentation.

I am passionate about your connection with your family and pet. Smiles, laughs, runs, looks are the most precious…


The session itself can be held at your home or garden, urban areas like London or local nature locations. My absolute favorite place to shoot is the seaside in the Hayling Island and Bournemouth, as well as London urban environments, and some other local Surrey Hills, parks are one of my favorites.  Of course, if your dog loves to be on the SEASIDE water we should definitely consider a session on the shores of Havant or Bournemouth!  So many options!


The Session Premier is held approximately 1-2 weeks after your session.  We will go over all of your images, choose your favorites, eat homemade bakes, and finalize your order together.  I will then move your files into production and produce gorgeous custom archival artwork that you will love for a lifetime.  Each time you look at them you will be reminded of your special companion and the great years together.  Pets are our family too!


What should I bring to the session?

Come armed with your pet’s favourite toys and treats (something smelly can be extra motivating) they are super useful to get them to look at the camera if they are distracted. Also bring water and bowl, poo bags, leash (both standard and retractable if it’s possible), and any outfits or props you want to incorporate in your photos.

What if the weather is bad on the day of photosession?

Rain, cold or hot weather, strong winds can make photosession inpossible to work sometimes. But it is only on extreem occasions. Winds, snow, rain or fog can add very nice extra effect for the portraits, so it is worth to have that. I notice if you dont like the bad weather, urban sessions with your pet always works in urban London area no matter the weather. I scouted many nice locations already that could go well for your style. Otherwise we can reschedule photosession to another suitable day.

Can I have the digital files from the session?

Eva Rale Photography specializes in custom artwork; my passion is to decorate my clients home with beautiful wall portraits that is to be cherished for years to come. I am spending my precious time perfecting your chosen portrait and using techniques and even small details of the portrait matters. For quality-control reasons, I need to ensure professional results from start to finish that reflect my style and vision as an artist. When given high resolution digital files, there is a high risk of those just sitting in a desk drawer. However, I understand the need for digital files in today’s world, that’s why offer low-resolution (non-printable) digital files of all the images you purchase, ready to be shared on social media sites!

Can I print my images?

The artwork you get with Eva Rale Photography comes from the finest professional labs which only photographers are able to print through. I also choose the best papers, printing techniques, framing types dependible from the product as I am passionate about quality and my experience as polygraphic engineer proves the best quality can get and the longest lasting product and change the product look drasticaly. The average consumer, does not have no access to these labs, nor the eye to notice the small things and no experience and are not able and it will take to understand and order the kind of premium products that I deliver to every client.

My dog doesn't have much time left. Is there a special session?

I am very sorry to hear that. Our pet’s lives are very short comapring to humans.  These sessions are available for those pets that are at the end of their time with us.  I will give every effort to adjust my schedule to squeeze you in as soon as possible.

What forms of payment do you accept? When do I pay?

I am accepting Visa, Master Card, cash, and e-transfers. Credit cards and finance are also acceptable. The session fee is required to book your session. The balance is due when the artwork is ready to pick up. No portraits or albums may be picked up until everything is paid in full.

Do you offer payment plans?

I offer interest-free payment plans on all print and product orders. If you are interested in a monthly payment plan, please enquire.

How do i schedule an appointment?


  • Send an enquiry here,

  • Message me (the bubble at the right bottom corner ) if you have any questions so I could schedule a call or

  • email me at

And I will return to you in up to 12 hours.