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Meet Eva

I am Eva, I grow up in Lithuania, in forests, lakes, seaside rich small land. I am a pet and nature lover, more than 3 stray cats kept my company growing up but I always wanted to challenge myself to understand dogs and horses. That is why I am passionate about the connection between nature and people. Especialy little people - children. My idiol is Cezar Milan.

I was always drawn to art. I loved to draw with gouache that looks like real painting. I am photographing portraits of people and pets for 14 years now and keep investing in my knowledge and new ways to make your experience the most exciting. I simply dont like boring. Love natural highlights and shadows in the finishing touches. As you probably notice in my portraits, a hint of pastels and happy sunny colouring is the way I like to see the world in my portraits .

Healthy, yummy and creative food so as active lifestyle is another passion in my life. As without health we will not be happy. And without smiles we cannot enjoy life.

I am Based in South of UK - Surrey, Berkshire and Hampshire Border, surrounded by beautiful Surrey Hills, Hayling Island and Bournemouth Seasides. London is another place where I am traveling very often to my clients. My sessions takes place in outdoor locations or your homes and private gardens. Natural light is my preferrence but not limited considering English weather.

Rescue Remedies Dog Rescue. Adopted




It is my belief that every single image of any pet will save life. These days we have internet everywhere and good quality image means lots of eyes could recognise real personalities that peope will love! Anyone can stop scrolling through thousands of diferent images and fell in love with the one much quicker.

Being an animal lover and volunteer for a RR rescue my hope is to get more dogs noticed with my photography.

It is often very hard to see suffering animals and conditions they live. I am very grateful that there are so many people who spare their time for four-legged fellows and make their life much better. If you would like to help, Rescue Remedies are in need of volounteers.

I am recently started my mission to help rescues. It was very emotional for the first days, but I know that pets are in a good place whatever the reason they ended up in a rescue. Knowing that my creativity could change animal life, inspires me to create more.

Booking Eva Rale Sessions directly helps me to be able to continue supporting these organisations.

If you think your rescue or charity would benefit from Eva Rale Photography, please get in touch. I am always happy to help if possible.

That sweet moment when someone adopts a dog…

That sweet moment when someone adopts a dog…

Pets that I photographed for shelters



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The Session was amazing! I usually don’t like myself in the pictures, but Eva make it look amazing! I love the experience! I am here together with Axel, the Pug. So cute!
testimonial Photoshoot with a pet
It was an absolute pleasure to work with Eva!
We clicked and got along so well, she was very professional yet at the same time made shooting such an enjoyable experience. Full of great and amazing ideas and always made me feel very comfortable and good about myself. Cannot wait to work with her again!
- Lauren
Cute Puppy Fashion Photo session in London