FIREWORKS: How to calm your dog down naturally?

Fireworks and dog

We are anxiously waiting for the 2018 year meeting. Fireworks. OH, wait!... FIREWORKS!!!

What about your pet? Cats or dogs can be very sensitive under these conditions. Dogs may be more sensitive than cats. Dogs are sensitive to loud noises. The sound triggers their nervous system and they can become anxious and afraid.  This instinct makes them run away and hide.


There is a quick guide to help you to prevent your furry baby from anxiety naturally.

Long Walk

Go for a long walk before the fireworks to drain your dog’s excess energy first and put your dog in the calm state.

Be calm yourself

Dogs communicate with energy. If you are going to be with your dog during fireworks send a calm message that is nothing to worry about. Do not show an excitement about fireworks. Your puppy will learn to be less concerned as well.  Do not think that the dog missing a great thing. This is just human’s guilt, dogs will not understand.

Sensitive dogs

Walk your dog to drain his energy

If your dog is excessively sensitive, be ready to help your dog. Usually easy going dogs do not mind the firework sound.


Give your dog a nice chew toy or Kong toy with a surprise inside. Stuff with dry snacks and “glue” the hole with peanut butter. This way your dog will be interested what is inside and keep entertained.

The Background noise

Turn on the TV or radio to add the background noise that he considers normal. Do not forget to shut the curtains. Some dogs are sensitive to bright light.

Less space for your dog

Close the doors of the room. The less space will help him to settle down

Fireworks: Scared dog

Other dog company

If your friend’s dog does not afraid of fireworks, that would be a good companion to keep your pet calm. Dogs are calmer with other dogs friendship.

Familiar smell

If you are leaving your dog with your friend, leave your sweatshirt or other clothing that you have worn as bedding to bring a sense of your presence.

The long-term cure


Next year, before the Bonfire night or New Year Fireworks, teach your pet to gradually learn about the loud sounds. Download a free copy of fireworks sounds here.  However, it has to be made many months in advance.



What about the cats?

Depends on cat personality, but they are better do without your attention



Do not let go your cat out

Keep your cat inside the house. As with the dogs, they can run away from homes scared, disorientated and can be hit by cars.

Cat toys

Use catnip or cookies and toys with the catnip to relax your kitty.

Let your cat do what she wants

If the cat hides under the furniture, leave it alone as it feels most secure there.

Cats more independent than dogs

Most cats can deal with their own fears, so you can leave them in the room not to worry about it.


Hope this will help to calm your pet and have a wonderful Happy New Year for you, your pet/s and family!