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Portrait with your pet photography

I provide the very best outdoor photography of you and your best four legged friend either it is a dog, a cat, a fluffy rabbit or a horse!  I have become known for my use of natural 3D effect images that look natural like in a real life .

Outdoor family photography

I live on Hampshire, Berkshire and Surrey border, South of England where I can travel easy to outdoor locations like SW, West London, Guildford or to the seaside. Richmond Park in London, Guildford Canal and Bournemouth seaside are my favourite locations in winter or summer. No problems in bad or cold weather - I am visiting my clients at your cosy homes or meeting them at Wisley Gardens Woking Glasshouse or in London Kew Gardens. 

I am always discovering new and beautiful locations and keep my eye out for beautiful and interesting locations so have plenty of ideas for your session regardless of where you are in South of England. Of course I welcome your suggestions too!

What time of day?

Portrait photography with a dog_ Eva Rale Photography Surrey

My sessions take place around as early or as late in the day as possible because that's when the light is soft and pretty and golden. Urban style photography in London can be held any time of the day because of the buildings there are less or no harsh shadows. I keep a close eye on the weather as our portrait photography session approaches and will suggest a backup date in case of bad weather. 

More about the session

The session fee or creative fee pays for the time photographing you and your family (and my travel and preparation time). As well as me as an artist and retouching time. Session fees does not include any Fine Art Wall Prints or albums. Beautiful custom artwork prints or albums can all be purchased after your session on the presentation day. Contact me if you would like to more about the session here.

What is your style of portrait photography?

I am known for my ability to create a natural 3D effect images that look very natural, full of pastel and bright happy colours, whether on a dusky summer evening (even early morning), or early on a frosty winter morning. I specialise in natural light outdoor and indoor portrait photography in natural and urban environments.

Usually I have a 30 min in person consultation time to find out what you would like for your portraits and where you can see my work samples, can pay session fees and choose one of my four Fine Art Collections. So please let me know what it is that you would really love to achieve for your photography session on my consultation. I generally take a variety portraits of you and your pet in different locations and settings. I aim for a mix of somewhat-posed as well as unposed images. 

I have a very relaxed style and will let things unfold naturally. I am happy to give as much gentle direction as needed in some situations. 

My style of portrait photography

My style is very soft and feminine for ladies, making the most of beautiful natural light to create gorgeous, flattering, natural portraits. I will help you as to where and how to stand so that you look your very best, in the prettiest light and inspiring backgrounds. My goal for you to feel relaxed and supported through our whole session so that I can capture the genuine you. I also love to include your pets in the photos too.

Makeup and Hair

For makeup I advise to use professional Makeup Artist to make you look beautiful and presentable but very natural. I would like to recommend Airbrush technique. That look is flawless! I can recommend a Makeup artist if you need any recommendations.

I like wavy hair in my portraits or at least some texture. Wavy hair look very flattering in my client's favourite 30x20'' Heritage Framed Portrait (£797).

What happens next?

A selection of at least 50 high-resolution images from the shoot will be carefully edited and retouched in about a week or two, depends how busy I am with my sessions at that time. I will invite you to viewing session where you choose your favourite portraits to be printed as beautiful Fine Art Wall portraits or albums. 

Your portraits will be available to purchase later if you decide for a gift for your children grandmother in a year or two.  I will safely archive your images for later prints. 

Luxury prints:

I am passionate about creating beautiful wall art for your home; I believe that photographs of your loved ones should not live as jpegs on your computer, only to eventually get lost on an old hard drive somewhere! I offer beautiful luxury prints on museum quality fine art papers which start at  £400 and will last a lifetime and a lifetime of your children. 

More information?

If you would like to chat about your own outdoor portrait photography, you can reach me right here.